What I’m Focused on Now:

  • I’m helping streamline and test protocol upgrades as part of the EthPandaOps team at the Ethereum Foundation. This often includes figuring out new ways to test whatever we need tested.
  • While trying to test things, I’m also trying to make myself as redundant as possible such that things like vacations don’t become a hassle.
  • My love for photography has re-ignited over the last months and I’ve been capturing a lot of moments in my life as well as working out a nice workflow for my photos (Instead of letting them rot on my hard drive).
  • I’m reworking my entire Homelab to clean up old mistakes and replace them with new ones that my future self will hate me for.
  • I’m trying to keep up with the rest of the EthPandaOps crew and learning how to use kubernetes well. This is happening in conjunction with the homelab update.